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When designing Chief! Slot, Inspired Gaming likely had the history of European immigration to the modern United States in mind. Enjoy modern gaming that focuses on historical evidence with this five-reel, three-row video game with twenty fixed paylines. Payouts from free spins, wilds, scatters, and extra features, among others, are yours for the taking if you play by the rules. But first, you need to see how well you know the rules of the game.


Have you ever visited a stable where animals are kept? Now, here comes the chance to enjoy playing Chief! Contrast the animal skin hanging from a red frame like a slot machine in front of a mountain backdrop. Even while you strive for victory, you can take pleasure in the beautiful meadow and Wild West scenery.

Though not as well-known as some of its competitors, Inspired Gaming has been in the business of making quality online casinos for more than 15 years. Now, due to the UK Gambling Commission, mobile platforms are added so that fans may keep on playing their favorite games.


Chief will be found by you! The slot machine is fun to play since it features high-value symbols such

Symbol for the game

A pair of jovial buffalo

Native American tipi

Skull with Bleeding

Three Kings (J, Q, and K)


You should expect to see the playing cards frequently, despite their modest reward. Therefore, you will soon begin to gain from the symbols. The symbols of crossed tomahawks are worth 40 times your wager, the ceremonial drum is worth eight times, and the cow skull is worth 300 times your wager, respectively. The happy buffalo is a symbol of good times and is worth four hundred times its original value. You could run into the Chief if you’re lucky. If the slot machine game logo appears on reels one and two, you will receive a multiplier of four.


Selecting the appropriate buttons on the sidebar is the quickest method to get to the bet level. You may adjust the wager to fit your budget, with coin sizes ranging from 0.20 to 200 each spin. If you’d rather test your luck without spending any money, the free play feature is accessible on desktop and mobile.

The return to player and volatility are sufficient to convince any player to wager real money. Choose Autospin if you want to speed up the spinning process by up to 100 times without pauses before you reach the result you’re after.

Strategy for Playing the Chief! Slot Machine and Winning Big


If you come across the unusual Indian headdress, then you know it is the wild sign. Make use of it to fill in the blanks of a successful line and increase your payouts.

You may choose to double your winnings by 40, 20, or 200 times your play line stake. Good payouts will begin whenever the requisite combos appear on reels 3, 4, and 5.


Chief! The Chief is the main bonus character in this free online slot machine game. The plan is as follows;


This is a side bet that, if successful, will raise your winnings by 50% and double any bonus payouts you get.

These elements will present at certain times to initiate any spin, and they are:

Indicating the presence of additional bonus symbols on the reels, buffaloes will gallop across the screen.

Gains of at least 20 times the initial investment can be expected.


Landing three or more chief bonus symbols will trigger the chief bonus icon. When five of them appear, the rewards increase. Those things are:

In Buffalo Bucks, you must attach objects to the buffalo’s back in order to win more money and advance through the game.

In Buffalo Drops, you’ll be in charge of guiding a pair of buffaloes across a pair of bridges. If even one makes it out alive, you win, and if two do, you win pluses.

You may win free spins and multipliers on the reels by activating Buffalo Spins. The improved buffalo deserves a greater prize in this scenario.

This game does not offer any progressive jackpots.


Want a slot machine with a happy Wild West vibe, Chief! The unlocked slot is the best option. It has drums in a native American style, which go very well with the game’s overall vibe. Most honest gamblers like it because of the high quantity of bonus features and the ease with which they can be triggered. The chief’s ability to add wild symbols to the reels is just one more incentive to enjoy the thrilling event. It’s no surprise that the game maker lives up to their reputation. Let’s hear it for the corporation that brought life to the current gaming industry with its cutting-edge visuals, services, and payouts.

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