The Megaways Slot Machine, Pirates’ Bounty

Developer Blueprint Gaming’s latest slot machine, Pirate’s Fortune, built on Big Time Gaming’s Megaways platform, shows that the company has no intention of slowing down development. It appears that Blueprint’s Deal or No Deal Megaways, a smash hit in the UK, served as inspiration for most of Pirates’ Bounty Megaways. It’s not an exact duplicate; it has its own unique characteristics and statistics due to a few tweaks here and there. However, there are noticeable parallels that give the game an air of haste, as though the developers lacked the resources to create a truly exceptional piracy mimic. The end product is rather off-putting.

There are a total of 117,649 possible winning combinations on the six main reels and one horizontal bonus reel in Pirates’ Bounty Megaways. There are barrels, ropes, and flaming torches (which seems risky on a wooden ship) surrounding the grid on the deck of an ancient pirate ship. The sparkling Caribbean Sea lies just beyond, where there are undoubtedly cargo ships ripe for the taking.

You may play Pirates’ Bounty Megaways for 10 p/c up to $/€100 every spin on any device (mobile, tablet, or desktop). Blueprint can get a number of excellent statistics out of the mathematical model, despite the lackluster theme application. First off, it has a greater return to player percentage (RTP) than Deal or No Deal, the slot machine it was modeled after. The medium to high volatility adds some challenge to the game, but the rewards might be substantial if players succeed.

The standard Megaways technique is used for determining winners. This implies that in order to form a winning combination of three of a type or more, the reel to the left of the central position must be used. The highest paying symbol is the only exception; it pays out with only two of a kind. The 9-A royals are the lowest paying symbols, followed by ships, mermaids, octopi, and the skull and crossbones. Values for premium combos range from 2x the stake up to 50x for 6 of a kind. The Wild sign on the top tracker reel concludes this segment. Despite its worthlessness, it can be used in place of the other, conventional pay symbols.

Slot Functions in Pirates’ Bounty Multiway Reels

There are some additions, such as a Bonus Wheel, but they are relatively usual for a Megaways game. Mystery symbols, which appear in Blueprint at random, are the first to be discussed. These symbols, which may be anything but the wild, all convert into the same matching pay symbol.

Megaways in Pirates Bounty rely heavily on cascades. Not only do they initiate the bonus round when they remove winning symbols to make room for new ones, but they also produce chains of successive pays. Cascades 4, 5, or 6+ on a single spin will trigger the Bonus, Super Bonus, or Mega Bonus, respectively.

Then, a three-tiered Bonus Wheel is provided to the players. Players choose jewels before the wheel spins to boost their chances of winning, raise their prize, or add additional arrows to the wheel. When you win a larger bonus, you immediately move up to the next level:

Level 1’s bonus round kicks off with quick payouts of 12x to 40x the wager, 8x to 12x free spins, and a chance to advance a level if you land on an arrow.

There is a green arrow or 12-18 free spins available in the Super Bonus that activates on stage 2.

The Mega Bonus grants you Third-Level and 20 Free Games.

During the bonus spins, the multiplier starts at x1 and increases by 1 with every cascade. The multiplier remains at its current level and does not reset between spins. Finally, scatter symbols have been moved to the top reel, increasing the number of free games earned when three or more are in view.

Slot Review: Pirates’ Bounty Multiway Reels

Is a slot machine with a pirate theme more your speed if you want to act the part? If not, then you’ve found what you’re looking for, since neither does Blueprint Gaming. The name and visuals of Pirates’ Bounty Megaways don’t make up for the game’s lackluster emotional core. They rushed to construct something that looked like a pirate slot machine out of leftovers from previous games and got it out the door.

While Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has all the right parts, the whole is still missing something. It’s like meeting the person you’ve had a secret crush on and finding out you have nothing in common with them. Nothing seems to ignite. Except for the famed box selection moment and the confrontation with the annoying banker, everything here has been seen previously in Deal or No Deal. If you take it away, what are you left with? Pirate Bounty Megaways, then.

Possibly, we’re being too strict. Indeed, Pirate Bounty is a good example of Megaways’ potential. The visuals are acceptable, and the functionalities are functional. When the Bonus Wheel isn’t in your favor, it may be very frustrating. Up to 20 free spins may be won from it, however it could have been more convenient for some players if scatters simply provided free spins outright. Payouts of up to 10,000 times the initial wager are conceivable, however.

Nothing would be wrong if it were happening in a vacuum. Just that everyone appears to think that Blueprint wiped down the Pirates’ Bounty Megaways to retain their name linked to the franchise. Even though the company is known for producing high-quality Megaways slots, Pirates’ Bounty seems unnecessary.

Overall, it’s a serviceable slot that has its merits. While the game succeeds on paper, it is by no means an absolute must-play. To no use, Pirates’ Bounty adds to either Megaways or the pirate motif. If pirates of the sea in the past had the backing of modern companies, they would have been just like these heartless sanitized examples.

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